Brown Cardamom Whole ( Badi Elaichi ) 50 gm

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Badi Elaichi refers to Brown/Black Cardamom. It is dried over an open fire and has a distinct smoky aroma and flavor. 

Black Cardamom is a key ingredient in India's famous Garam Masala spice mixture. It is used in Curries, Stews, Lentil Dishes, and often added to Rice. It is also a key component in Pho ( Vietnamese Dish ).

The pods are highly aromatic, but less in comparison with Green Cardamom. They are generally not interchangeable in recipes.

The rich intense flavor fits Black Cardamom in a similar taste profile as Black Pepper, Cloves, and Chillies.

It is mostly used whole, and generally fried in a little oil to fully release its flavors and aroma.

Pods of this spice are sold in Indian markets. Some recipes call for the entire pod to be used, others call for the ground seeds.

Also referred to as;  Kali Elaichi / Black Cardamom

Also spelt; Kaali Elaichi

Notes:  Not to be confused with the more common Green Cardamom, which comes in round green or tan pods. 

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